Yamaha YCL-255S B-flat clarinet

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If you are purchasing a beginner's instrument for the first time and would like further advice, our showroom staff will be pleased to give all the guidance you need.

A durable, low maintenance instrument with design features specifically aimed at assisting beginners to develop their sound and technique.

  • Plastic (ABS) wood-effect body
  • Silver-plated nickel silver key mechanism
  • Fully coin-adjustable thumb-rest
  • Robust built-in sling attachment
  • Offset trill keys

Also available in the Yamaha clarinet range:

Model Level Description
YCL-255S Beginner Standard mechanism (17 keys, 6 rings); ABS body; silver-plated keywork.
YCL-450E Advanced As YCL-255S but with a wooden body.
YCL-650 Professional As YCL-450 but with greater refinement.

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Manufacturer’s website: uk.yamaha.com

Buying tips: Nowadays all starter clarinets use a standard arrangement of keys known as the Boehm system. The key mechanism is usually silver-plated and the body molded from ABS plastic. This reduces cost compared with a wooden clarinet, and makes it more resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. There are different sizes of clarinet, but the one in B-flat is the most widely used by beginners. Price is a good indicator of quality, and cheaper instruments are more difficult and costly to maintain. A fully serviced pre-owned instrument from a reputable manufacturer is always a good low-risk purchase for a beginner. Click here to see our current stock of pre-owned clarinets.

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