Catelinet CCL10 B-flat clarinet

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If you are purchasing a beginner's instrument for the first time and would like further advice, our showroom staff will be pleased to give all the guidance you need.

Young clarinet players need an instrument which is durable and will easily produce a stable tone. The CCL10 fulfils this requirement and will comfortably see a new player through to Grade 4 standard.

  • ABS (thermoplastic) body
  • Silver-plated keys
  • Standard Boehm mechanism
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Lightweight case with shoulder strap

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Buying tips: Nowadays all starter clarinets use a standard arrangement of keys known as the Boehm system. The key mechanism is usually silver-plated and the body molded from ABS plastic. This reduces cost compared with a wooden clarinet, and makes it more resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. There are different sizes of clarinet, but the one in B-flat is the most widely used by beginners. Price is a good indicator of quality, and cheaper instruments are more difficult and costly to maintain. A fully serviced pre-owned instrument from a reputable manufacturer is always a good low-risk purchase for a beginner. Click here to see our current stock of pre-owned clarinets.

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