Rosehill Mission

The Rosehill Evangelical Mission is located in the city of Rajahmundry, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, east-central India. It was founded by Rev. Joseph Babu, MA whose charitable work amongst people with leprosy and street children of the city is supported by founding director of Rosehill Instruments, Trevor Austin.

We began helping the Pastor with his work in 1998, which at the time included a home for 35 orphans and 12 widows. This side of the work developed, and in 2009 a 200-place home for 165 orphans and 35 widows was opened in Rosehill Street, Gadala (part of the Rajahmundry municipality). Over the years numbers have varied, and latterly the day-to-day arrangements have come under the auspices of the Swedish charity, Word in Action.

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If you are interested in receiving further information on the work of the Rosehill Evangelical Mission, please send us an email.

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Trevor Austin writes: "I received my first approach from Pastor Joseph from Rajahmundry in late 1998 because he needed additional financial help with the important work he was doing amongst orphans and widows in Andrah Pradesh, South India. As the years rolled by the relationship has developed. In March 2007, Rev. Charles Martin and I went out to see the orphanage in Gadala, which now accomodates more than 160 orphans and about 40 widows.

"The visit was life changing. The crying need encouraged us to overcome our shyness and be prepared to tell others, in the hope that some would see their way clear to help with the annual financial target. With each child costing £16.00 a month (we pay for their education as well as accomodation) and each widow £10.00 a month, we now need to raise upwards of £30,000 a year, so any contributions would be gratefully received. Perhaps you would care to sponsor an orphan or a widow?"

Rosehill Evangelical Mission is a registered charity under the Beaconsfield Churches Trust, therefore contributions benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme. Every penny contributed goes direct to the mission; there are no administration or running costs. Cheques may be made payable to:

Rosehill Evangelical Mission
c/o 64 London End

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