Pearl PFP-105E piccolo

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The Pearl PFP-105E was launched in 2006 and is characteristed by a fully-synthetic body and headjoint. It offers the so-called ‘High Wave’ headjoint style preferred by most players and features other innovations, namely Pearl’s ‘one-piece core-bar’ and ‘pinless construction’ (see manufacturer’s website).

  • Grenaditte* body and headjoint
  • Silver-plated nickel silver key mechanism
  • Split-E mechanism
  • Case included

*Grenaditte is a lightweight plastic material invented in 2004 by the Taiwanese flute-maker Geoffrey Guo (b. 1960). Its properties are similar to those of African blackwood (grenadilla), plus its resistance to abrasion and temperature change make it particularly suitable for instruments used out-of-doors.

Manufacturer’s website: Pearl Flute

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