Azumi AZ-Z1E flute

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Azumi flutes match affordable, high-quality bodies with handmade headjoints produced by the Altus flute company. This combination of components make them an excellent choice for advancing players.

The Azumi Z1E flute comes with an Altus handmade Z-cut silver-plated nickel silver headjoint with a sterling silver lip-plate and riser, and a silver-plated nickel silver body. The French pointed key-arms give stability to the mechanism.

  • Silver-plated head joint
  • Sterling (92.5%) silver lip plate and riser
  • Silver-plated body and foot joint
  • Silver-plated key mechanism
  • Z-cut (more angular hole) ALTUS head joint
  • C foot joint
  • Closed-hole keys
  • Offset G and split-E mechanism

Also available in the Azumi flute range:

Model Series Description
Z1E Z-series Closed-hole keys; silver-plated; sterling silver lip-plate and riser.
Z2E Z-series As Z1E but with sterling silver headjoint.
Z2RE Z-series As Z2E but with open-hole keys.
Z3RE Z-series As Z2RE but with sterling silver body.
S2E S-series Closed-hole keys; silver-plated; Britannia silver headjoint.
S2RE S-series As S2E but with open-hole keys.

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