Vincent Bach LT50A3LG double rotor bass trombone

Vincent Bach
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The Bach Stradivarius 50A3 is a double rotor bass trombone with open wrap F and G-flat attachments which can be accessed independently using two Hagmann* rotary valves.

The LT50A3LG variant has a larger 10½-inch gold brass bell and lightweight nickel silver hand slide.

Note: model pictured is 50A3 standard model.

  • Lacquer finish
  • Bore size: 0.562 in. (14.27 mm)
  • Key of B-flat/F/G-flat
  • 10½-inch gold brass bell
  • Double in-line independent Hagmann* valves
  • Lightweight nickel silver hand slide
  • Open wrap
  • Bach 1½G mouthpiece
  • Woodshell case

Also available in the Bach 50B3 range:

Wrap/valve Bell diameter (inches)
Closed / standard 50B3 50B3L
Open / standard 50B3O 50B3LO
Open / Hagmann* 50A3 50A3L
Open / ‘Infinity’ axial-flow 50AF3 50AF3L

Other model variant: LT50A3LG

*The Hagmann free-flow valve appeared in the early 1990s as a further development away from the traditional rotary valve, following the introduction of the more complex Thayer axial-flow valve in the 1980s. The Hagmann design minimises distortion of the air flow inside the valve, resulting in a rich, full sound, and is easy to maintain using regular valve oil. Vincent Bach introduced the Hagmann valve into their Stradivarius trombone range in 1999.

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