Plasti-Lyre (4 in. nickel)

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  • Adaptable lyre for difficult-to-fit instruments
  • Suggested use: trumpet
  • Tough lightweight ABS plastic head
  • Bendable nickel-plated brass stem
  • Stem length: 4 in. (straight)
  • Single sprung lever
  • Distributed by Conn-Selmer USA (C.G. Conn branded)

The ‘lyre’ is a small sheet music holder used by brass band and marching band musicians to hold printed parts whilst ‘on the march’. Many brass instruments are equipped with a ‘lyre box’ with a tension screw to grip the lyre stem. For instruments without one, lyre boxes may be retrofitted (detachable or permanent) or a detachable lyre used (e.g. bell lyre). The stem may be bent to suit the player and most are a universal size to fit the majority of instruments.

Limited stock: this is a discontinued line.

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