Pearl Quantz 525E flute

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The Quantz 525 steps up from the baseline Pearl student model with the addition of a solid sterling silver lip-plate. It retains all the features of a standard student flute including closed-hole keys, an offset G and split-E mechanism.

Uniquely among flutes in this price range, all Pearl student flutes have French-pointed keys (with a pointed key arm extending to the centre of the key cup), something more commonly found on intermediate and professional instruments. They also benefit from other unique design features which contribute to a smooth and reliable key mechanism.

  • Sterling silver lip-plate
  • Silver-plated nickel silver headjoint
  • Silver-plated nickel silver body, footjoint and key mechanism
  • Closed-hole keys
  • Offset G and split-E mechanism
  • French-pointed key design
  • Made in Taiwan

Also available in the Pearl flute range:

Model Series Description
505E Quantz Closed-hole keys; silver-plated; straight headjoint
505EU Quantz As 505E but with a curved headjoint.
525E Quantz As 505E but with a sterling silver lip-plate and riser.
F665E Quantz Forza As 505E but with a sterling silver ‘Forza’ headjoint.
F665RE Quantz Forza As F665E but with open-hole keys.
695RE Dolce As F665RE but handmade.

Manufacturer’s website:

Buying tips: Nowadays all starter flutes have similar specifications, including split-E mechanism, offset G and closed-hole keys. The most significant choice, determined by the build of the player, is between a flute with a straight or a curved headjoint. A curved headjoint helps a smaller player adopt a more comfortable posture, which of course makes practising more pleasurable. Price is a good indicator of quality; very cheap instruments are difficult and costly to maintain. A fully serviced pre-owned instrument from a reputable manufacturer is always a good low-risk choice for a beginner. Click here to see our current stock of pre-owned flutes.

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