Yamaha YFL-212 flute

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If you are purchasing a beginner's instrument for the first time and would like further advice, our showroom staff will be pleased to give all the guidance you need.

The benchmark for student flutes with high build quality and a refined key mechanism. Has the potential to see a student all the way through from beginner to Grade 8 standard.

  • Silver-plated body and key mechanism
  • Closed-hole keys
  • Offset G and split-E mechanism
  • Moulded hard case
  • Soft imitation leather case cover

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Also available in the Yamaha flute range:

Model Series Description
YFL-212 200 Closed-hole keys; silver-plated; straight headjoint.
YFL-212U 200 As YFL-212 plus curved headjoint.
YFL-312 300 As YFL-212 plus sterling silver headjoint.
YFL-412 400 As YFL-312 plus sterling silver body.

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Manufacturer’s website: uk.yamaha.com

Buying tips: Nowadays all starter flutes have similar specifications, including split-E mechanism, offset G and closed-hole keys. The most significant choice, determined by the build of the player, is between a flute with a straight or a curved headjoint. A curved headjoint helps a smaller player adopt a more comfortable posture, which of course makes practising more pleasurable. Price is a good indicator of quality; very cheap instruments are difficult and costly to maintain. A fully serviced pre-owned instrument from a reputable manufacturer is always a good low-risk choice for a beginner. Click here to see our current stock of pre-owned flutes.

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