Howarth Junior oboe

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If you are purchasing a beginner's instrument for the first time and would like further advice, our showroom staff will be pleased to give all the guidance you need.

The Howarth Junior oboe has been specially modified for the youngest players, taking them through the first steps until they are ready to progress to a full-system oboe such as the Howarth S10 or the S20.

It is Howarth's lightest student model and has a full chromatic range of two-and-a-half octaves to low C (standard range is to low B-flat). The mechanism is simplified to reduce weight and lessen the risk of accidental damage. The keys have extensions to accommodate small hands. It uses standard oboe fingerings and reeds.

  • Grenadilla wood body (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • Silver-plated keywork
  • Thumb-plate (English) system
  • Simple octave keys
  • Covered keys; extended finger-plates
  • Fully chromatic range from low C
  • Weight: 0.46 kg approx.

This instrument is available to rent at £80.00 for the first term, then £60.00 for each subsequent term. When purchased outright it is covered by our buy-back guarantee. For further information click here or use the 'enquire' button below to message us with your requirements.

Unlike the standardized mechanisms of other woodwind instruments, the keywork on oboes is quite varied. The 'thumb-plate' system is used most widely in the UK and most student oboes purchased here are of this type. The alternative is the 'conservatoire' system. 'Dual' systems have characteristics of both. Starter instruments generally have fewer keys to reduce weight and simplify fingering. Instruments for more advanced players have additional keys offering versatility through a wider choice of fingerings.

Also available in the Howarth oboe range:

Model Level Description
Junior Beginner Simplified thumb-plate system with simple octave keys. Range to low C.
S10 Student Thumb-plate system with simple octave keys. Range to low B-flat. Additional keys: C/D trill key, forked-F vent, and low B-C connection.
S20 Intermediate Thumb-plate system with semi-automatic octave keys. Additional keys: as S10 plus left-hand F key and low B-flat vent.
S40C Advanced Dual system with semi-automatic octave keys (including 3rd octave key). Additional keys: as S20 plus A-flat/B-flat trill key, A-flat/A trill key, and low C/C-sharp trill key (‘banana key’).

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