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The heyday of the Humes & Berg Clear-Tone trombone mute (and its close relative the vintage Shastock Solotone) was during the big band era, though it has re-emerged recently in musicals like Chicago. Its mellow solo qualities can be heard to lasting effect in Tommy Dorsey’s Song of India (1937) and Music Maestro Please (1938).

Humes and Berg mutes are among the most widely used and recognisable on the market with their distinctive red and white finish. The company began manufacturing in Chicago in the 1930s at the height of the big band era with the encouragement of the greatest bandleaders of the time. Their trademark 'stonelined' construction is based on fibreboard coated with paint and resin.

Also available in the Humes & Berg trombone mute range:

Mute Instrument
Tenor Bass
Straight Standard 151 Regular 170
Large-bore 198
Symphonic 126 Regular 175
Copper-bottomed 175C
Cup 152 171
Clear-Tone 153  
Wah-Wah (ET/Harmon) 159 189
Velvetone (Bucket) 8-inch bell 160A 9-inch bell 172A
8½-inch bell 160B 9½-inch bell 172B
    10-inch bell 172D
Trixie (Plunger) 164
Practice 167

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