Buffet E11 B-flat clarinet

Buffet Crampon
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The Buffet E11 is a long-established European-built intermediate wooden clarinet, with a free-blowing bore and high-quality finish to encourage a progressing student.

  • Wooden body (stained African blackwood)
  • Silver-plated keys
  • 17 Keys, 6 rings
  • Standard Boehm mechanism
  • Fixed thumb-rest

Note: product image shows BC2501L-2 (18 keys with auxiliary E-flat lever)

Also available in the Buffet Crampon clarinet range:

Model Level Description
Prodige Beginner Standard mechanism (17 keys, 6 rings); ABS body; silver-plated keywork.
E11 Advanced As Prodige but with wooden body.
E12F Advanced As E11 (updated model).
E13 Advanced As E11 but with a professional-quality key mechanism.
R13 Professional As E13 but with characteristic R13 bore.
R13 Green LinE Professional As R13 but with a reconstituted hardwood body.
R13 Prestige Professional As R13 but with auxiliary E-flat lever (18 keys) and higher-grade wooden body.
Festival Professional As R13 Prestige.

Manufacturer’s website: buffet-crampon.com

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