Adams F3 flugelhorn (satin gold lacquer)

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The F3 is the darkest flugelhorn Adams builds, with a velvety, rich sound aided by a heavier valve block, large bell diameter and wide bell throat.

The branch is wrapped slightly tighter, and there’s no brace between branch and bell, ensuring more resonance.

It is not intended as a soloist’s instrument, but has been developed with the section player in mind. The result is a flugelhorn that blends extremely well.

  • Satin gold lacquer finish
  • Bore size: medium-large, 10.5 mm (0.413 in.)
  • Bell diameter: 170 mm (6.69 in.)
  • Yellow brass bell (gauge: 0.55 mm/0.022 in.)
  • Stainless steel valve pistons
  • Trigger on 3rd slide
  • Two Amado* water keys
  • Brass finger buttons with wood inlay
  • Case included; mouthpiece not included

Also available:
F3 silver-plate

Manufacturer’s website:

* The Amado water key was patented in the US by its inventor Raymond Amado at the beginning of the 1970s. A small transverse-mounted cylinder encloses a spring-loaded push-button piston which when depressed lets moisture drain from the instrument. Its design causes less distortion to the air column than the drain port of a traditional water key.

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