HW Pad-Saver for alto saxophone bell

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This highly flexible HW Pad-Saver® fits easily into the bell of your alto saxophone where moisture and debris collect.

Insert after playing and the ultra-wicking fibre will draw moisture on contact, leaving your instrument clean and ready for next time you play.

  • Length: 48 cm
  • Made in USA
657 HW Pad-Saver for alto saxophone
1975 HW Pad-Saver for alto/baritone saxophone neck

Pad-Savers and other similar products are a convenient way to help remove moisture from inside instruments where it causes corrosion and damages delicate pads. Opinions are divided on whether leaving them inside to trap moisture is preferable to allowing instruments to dry naturally. A sensible compromise may be to use in combination with a swab or pull-though used after each playing.

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