Neotech tuba harness (junior)

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The Neotech tuba harness moulds to the shape of your body and disperses the weight of the instrument evenly whilst absorbing shocks from the movement of the player. A neoprene pad forms a comfortable and stable yoke across the back and shoulders, and stays in place no matter the amount of movement whilst playing. The self-adjusting harness freely glides through the hardware located in the back which increases your mobility without sacrificing comfort. The Neotech tuba harness is designed with both men and women in mind to arrive at the most comfortable fit.

The attachment system offers two options to fit most types of tubas:

(1) Cradle for the lower section of the instrument which is covered in a protective material to guard against abrasion to the tuba’s finish. This option is ideal for tubas that do not have a carriage ring located on the lower section of the tuba.
(2) Loop connectors that can be attached directly to the lower carriage ring. These loops then attach to snap hooks on the main body of the harness.

The harness also offers an upper support strap which can be connected to either the right or left side of the harness depending on the player’s preference. The junior size harness is suitable for younger players, but may also be used by adult euphonium players.

  • Neoprene pad/yolk
  • Size (from shoulder to connector hooks): 18–22 in. (45.7–55.9 cm) approx.
  • Pad size (outer edge): 10 in. (254 mm)
  • Pad width: 2¼ in. (57 mm)
  • Suits young players or adult euphonium players
  • Patented internal control-stretch system for added comfort and stability
  • Non-abrasive connectors
  • Made in USA

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