Slide-O-Mix trombone rod set (large bore, blue)

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An easy-to-use but effective trombone slide cleaning set, combining a cleaning rod, a towelling sheath and a short flexible brush, which comfortably fits inside a trombone case or gigbag.

The stainless steel rod has a screw thread with removable protective cap on its tip. The flexible brush is attached to the screw thread and is used for periodically wet-cleaning the outer slide and the legs of the inner slide. On its own the brush can be used to clean the mouthpipe.

The towelling sheath is used for giving the slide, particularly the outer slide, an occasional quick dry-clean. The cleaning rod is completely encased by the sheath, protecting the slide from damage.

Sheaths are available in two sizes: red for small to medium bore trombones (up to 13.34 mm/ 0.525 in.); or blue for large bore tenor and bass trombones.

Also available:
Trombone rod set (red) small and medium bore
Towelling sheath (blue) only
Towelling sheath (red) only
Flexible brush only

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