Jo-Ral trumpet bubble mute (copper)

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Manufacturer’s description:

‘Made of high quality hand-spun aluminum, Jo-Ral bubble mutes offer near perfect intonation across all registers, resounding projection, and an almost meaty buzz unmatched by other makes. The copper model produces a powerfully dark and rich sound compared with the standard all-aluminium model. The mutes also feature neoprene-enhanced composite cork pads that grip well and don’t dry out, become brittle or break off, and so last longer while easily accommodating fine adjustments for a perfect fit.’

  • Made from lightweight spun aluminum and copper
  • Great for cool and fusion jazz
  • Near-perfect intonation
  • Pliable neoprene-enhanced composite cork pads for durability and grip
  • Soft felt cap for extra protection
  • Made in the USA

Extending tube (ET) mutes, also known as harmon mutes (after their first producer Paddy Harmon) originated in the Chicago ballrooms of the 1920s, and produce a hallmark ‘wah-wah’ jazz sound exemplified in the performances of Miles Davis. A cork collar seals the gap between mute and bell, directing the sound through the mute’s body which has an adjustable stem (an extending tube with a small cup on the end of it) to further vary the tone colours that can be achieved. ET mutes are made of metal and have varying shapes, including the bulbous so-called ‘bubble’ mute.

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