Denis Wick euphonium travel mute

Denis Wick
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Manufacturer's description:

The Denis Wick DW5587 travel mute for euphonium has been developed with Steven Mead to provide a free-blowing but extremely quiet compact practice mute. It is fitted with an internal cork damper and thick high-quality neoprene pads to help create a very soft sound.

Steven Mead writes: “It’s the perfect solution for players who wish to practice normally but who prefer not to disturb those around them. It enables a good quality sound with excellent tuning, and blows freely throughout the entire range."

Here are its main features:

· Weight: 200g
· Fits inside the bell of all euphonium models, enabling it to be carried inside gig bags and hard cases.
· Excellent intonation throughout the entire range, and the most in-tune bell mute available
· Free-blowing with a soft, high quality sound, not an anonymous muffled sound but clear and with resonance
· Very quiet, approximately 5dB less sound than other silent/practice mutes – perfect for satisfying your intolerant neighbours (or family members!)
· An even response from pedal tones to the very highest notes in the range
· Attractive original design, complete with leather strap for easy insertion and removal, a cork lining inside the bell of the mute, high quality neoprene pads for secure grip once inserted, and finished to the highest quality at the Denis Wick Products factory.

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