Champion trumpet ET mute

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  • Made from machine-spun aluminium
  • Cork surround to ensure a secure fit
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Extendable tube
  • Height: 128mm (extending to 195mm)
  • Diameter: 40mm to 115mm
  • Weight: 115g

Manufacturer’s website:

Extending tube ('ET') mutes, also known as harmon mutes (after their first producer Paddy Harmon) originated in the Chicago ballrooms of the 1920s, and produce a hallmark 'wah-wah' jazz sound exemplified in the performances of Miles Davis. A cork collar seals the gap between mute and bell, directing the sound through the mute's body which has an adjustable 'stem' (an 'extending tube' with a small cup on the end of it) to further vary the tone colours that can be achieved. ET mutes are made of metal and have varying shapes, including the bulbous so-called 'bubble' mute.

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