Vincent Bach C180SL229PC ‘Philly’ C trumpet

Vincent Bach
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Ref: C180SL229PC

The Bach Stradivarius C180SL229PC ‘Philly’ (Philadelphia) C trumpet features a large bore mouthpipe based on Vincent Bach’s original 1947 design, and a standard weight professional bell with a classic French bead flat rim, providing a quick response with outstanding projection and broader tone.

The first valve thumb ring allows for easy tuning adjustment, and narrowed valve casing to bell and mouthpipe braces improve resonance. The Philly C trumpet is the perfect choice for a quick response with a big broad sound.

  • Silver-plated finish
  • Standard weight yellow brass bell (model #229)
  • Bore size: large, 0.462 in. (11.74 mm)
  • Mobile 1st and 3rd valve slides
  • 1st valve slide thumb ring
  • Wood shell case

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