Yamaha rotor oil

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Rotor oil is an essential lubricant for maintaining the smooth action of all rotary valves, especially those on French horns and trombones with valve attachments.

Yamaha has drawn upon decades of experience to create a line of fully synthetic oils designed specifically for musical instruments.

In addition to producing a smooth action and a fast response, their oil protects valves and valve casings from corrosion with a long-lasting coating.

  • Synthetic formula
  • Contains corrosion inhibitor
  • Child resistant container
  • Contents: 40 ml (10 fl oz)

Modern French horn rotary valves require three different grades of oil. From thickest to thinnest they are: bearing oil, linkage oil and rotor oil. Apply the first two each week, if you play regularly. When a valve become sluggish, drip a tiny quantity of rotor oil directly into the rotor casing, having first removed the valve slide to allow access.

For reference, a maintenance schedule recommended by the Rosehill workshop is included alongside the product image(s).

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