Conn 88HCL B-flat/F tenor trombone (lacquer)

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The Conn 88HCL Symphony trombone has a .547" primary bore combined with an open wrap .562" bore F attachment, offering outstanding clarity and projection with an open feel.

It features the patented CL2000 valve designed by international soloist Christian Lindberg, offering the shortest 'throw' of any trombone on the market today and a rapid transition to the F side of the instrument.

  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Primary ore: large, 0.547" (13.9mm)
  • Bore trhough F attachment: 0.562" (14.3mm)
  • Bell diameter: 8.5” (216mm)
  • Rose brass bell
  • Rose brass outer handslide
  • Open-wrap F attachment
  • Patented Christian Lindberg CL2000 rotary valve
  • Sprung water key
  • Conn 5G mouthpiece
  • Wood-shell case

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