Multi-purpose lyre (8 in. bent nickel)

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  • Suggested uses: marching French horn, convertible* tuba (US marching band)
  • Stem length: 8 in. (approx. 3 in. bend)
  • Nickel finish
  • Single sprung lever
  • Distributed by Conn-Selmer USA (C.G. Conn branded)

* A 'convertible' tuba has an adjustable leadpipe and valve block that rotate allowing it to be played either on the shoulder with the bell facing forward, in US marching band style, or as a regular concert model.

The 'lyre' is a small sheet music holder used by brass band and marching band musicians to hold printed parts whilst 'on the march'. Many brass instruments are equipped with a 'lyre box' with a tension screw to grip the lyre stem. For instruments without one, lyre boxes may be retrofitted (detachable or permanent) or a detachable lyre used (e.g. bell lyre). The stem may be bent to suit the player and most are a universal size to fit the majority of instruments.

Limited stock: this is a discontinued line.

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