HW Brass-Saver for trombone

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The HW Brass-Saver® for trombone comprises a flexible pull-through leadpipe/slide brush approximately one inch in diameter.

The brush material does not shed, shrink or swell, and can be used wet or dry. Being completely non-metallic, the brush is safe and effective, and won't scratch or get stuck with careful use.

  • Pull-through length: 77 in. (195 cm approx.)
  • Made in USA

Brass-Savers and other similar products are a convenient way to remove moisture from inside instruments where it causes corrosion and attracts dirt, and for washing as part of a regular maintenance routine. Care should always be taken when passing cleaning brushes through tubing, especially the trombone playing slide. Our workshop recommends washing through your brass instrument with lukewarm soapy water every two to four months.

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