Vincent Bach 50AF3 twin rotor bass trombone

Vincent Bach
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The Bach Stradivarius 50AF3 is a twin rotor bass trombone with open wrap F and G-flat attachments which can be accessed independently using two Infinity axial-flow valves.

  • Lacquer finish
  • Bore size: 0.562 in. (14.27 mm)
  • Key of B-flat/F/G-flat
  • 9½-inch yellow brass bell
  • Twin in-line independent Infinity axial-flow valves
  • Open wrap
  • Yellow brass outer slide
  • Bach 1½G mouthpiece
  • Woodshell case

The axial-flow valve was developed by Orla Ed Thayer during the 1970s as a solution to problems created by traditional rotary valves on trombones. His innovation was to use a conical plug to reduce the deflection of the airflow through the valve, thereby preserving the characteristic timbre of the instrument when the valve is engaged. The design has since been exploited and refined by other manufacturers.

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