Aulos 303 Elite descant recorder

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The Aulos 303 ‘Elite’ is an easy-to-play instrument for beginners, with a bright, pure tone.

Aulos is a brand synonymous with high quality plastic recorders made especially for use in schools. They have been manufactured in Japan by the Toyama Musical Instrument Company since 1955 and are sold worldwide.

  • Range: c''–d'''' (sounds an octave higher than notated)
  • Length: 32.7 cm
  • Material: ABS resin
  • Design: three-piece with straight windway and concave bell
  • Accessories: cloth bag, adjustable thumb-rest, cleaning rod
  • Made in Japan

Also available in the Aulos recorder range:

Series Recorder
Descant* Treble Tenor
Robin 205A 209B 211A
Bel Canto 105A 309A
Elite 303B
Student 903

* The descant recorder is known as such in the UK, where it is the standard classroom instrument; elsewhere it is called the ‘soprano’.

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