Vincent Bach 19037 B-flat trumpet

Vincent Bach
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The ‘190’ generation of Bach Stradivarius trumpets was introduced in 2010. They are characterised by a vintage two-piece valve casing design, contrasting with the one-piece casings used on Bach instruments since the late 1970s.

A two-piece casing provides more feedback to the player, a quicker response and more colour in the sound. These features are accentuated in the 19037 model by nickel silver outer slides, brass valve guides and a steel bell wire.

Other features include: Mt Vernon-style bell construction; New York-style Z braces; re-designed finger hook based on vintage eras.

  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Standard weight bell and body
  • Yellow brass model #37 bell (413/16 in. / 122.24 mm)
  • Bore size: medium-large, 0.459 in. (11.66 mm)
  • Model #25 leadpipe
  • Mobile 1st and 3rd valve slides
  • Monel piston valves
  • Wood shell case

Also available in the 190 range:

Bell model † Finish
37 Clear lacquer 19037
Silver-plate 190S37
43 Clear lacquer 19043
Silver-plate 190S43

† Bach bell models:
When Vincent Bach began manufacturing instruments in the early 1920s, his experiments resulted in over 70 different trumpet bell models, each numbered according to the ‘mandrel’ or mould it was shaped upon. By the early 1950s certain standard models had emerged, those we now know as #37, #43 and #72. The model #37 is regarded as the standard all-round bell, suitable for all styles; the #43 is broader, brighter and more open than the #37 (suitable for jazz lead); the #72 has a strong, powerful sound, darker than the #37 (but takes more effort to play than the #37 or #43).

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