sshhmute bass trombone practice mute

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Durable, lightweight, and high-quality, the sshhmute practice mute is perfect for brass players when their surroundings make playing intrusive or inconvenient. Whether it’s warming up before going on stage, practicing at home or on the move, the sshhmute is a great choice.

This highly effective, one-of-a-kind mute, made from hard-wearing but extremely light ABS thermoplastic, has next to no back-pressure and true tuning consistency throughout the range of the instrument.

Designed and manufactured by Bremner Music, New Zealand

Manufacturer’s website:

Practice mutes have a similar conical design to straight mutes but with a solid cork bell seal to block off the sound. Air flow is greatly reduced and escapes almost silently through a small hole in the body of the mute. They are used for warming up and practising without disturbing the peace.

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