Holton TR181 twin rotor bass trombone

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Ref: TR181

The Holton TR181 inline independent double rotor bass trombone is reputed to have established the true bass trombone sound, and is ideal for both symphonic and solo performance. Its 10 in. red brass bell is styled to maintain a consistent, warm timbre across the dynamic range. The unique G/G-flat attachment can be reconfigured to the player's taste for setting up low C and B natural.

  • Lacquer finish
  • Bore size: 0.562 in. (14.27 mm)
  • Key of B-flat/F/G-flat/D, G/E-flat
  • 10-inch rose brass bell
  • Double in-line independent rotors
  • Traditional (closed) wrap
  • Nickel silver outer slide
  • Holton 1½G mouthpiece
  • Woodshell case

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