Denis Wick alto trombone/sml flugel straight mute

Denis Wick
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Manufacturer's description:

'The slightly bigger brother of the world famous Denis Wick trumpet straight mute which since it was first designed in 1968 has become a byword for a mute of quality. It is perfectly in tune in all registers, has a great feel which doesn’t affect the ‘blow’ of the instrument, and the ability to produce a searing fortissimo as well as a controlled pianissimo.

'The success of the Denis Wick mute lies partly in the design and partly in the precision of the manufacture. The design created a very open mute, giving a full sound and avoiding the pitch problems encountered in other designs. Denis Wick mutes are manufactured from hand-spun aluminium to produce a ‘work-hardened’ mute that is both light and very resonant. This makes it free-blowing, extremely responsive, and the choice of the most demanding musicians.

'Real cork is used to produce a snug fit in the bell of the instrument.'

  • Suitable for small flugelhorn/alto trombone
  • Weight: 200g
  • Size: 29cm x 14cm x 14cm

Straight mutes are by far the most widely used mutes for brass. They are cone-shaped with three narrow corks to hold them in the bell. Sound emerges from the gaps between the corks. Straight mutes generally reduce low frequencies and accentuate high, giving a more nasal, reedy sound. Aluminium straight mutes have a brighter sound than those made of softer materials like plastic, fibre or wood.

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