Catelinet baritone half cover (brown leather)

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Exclusive to Rosehill Instruments

Half covers protect valuable instruments from abrasion by buttons and buckles, and prevent the transfer of moisture or tarnish onto parade dress uniforms. They can also help standardise the appearance of a marching band and offer some protection from the elements.

The Catelinet half cover is designed to fit most baritones including the Besson and Yamaha Neo models. We recommend you contact the showroom before purchasing this item to allow us to check the cover is a good fit for the instrument with which you intend to use it.

Widely utilised by the musicians of Her Majesty's armed forces in the UK, Catelinet half covers are used primarily by military bands and are exported around the world. Designed in-house and made by an established UK manufacturer, they are a premium product fashioned from soft but durable, high quality leather.

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