Besson Sovereign BE928GT-2 B-flat cornet (silver)

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Ref: BE928GT-2

The Sovereign 928 cornet has been the benchmark for all professional cornets for many years, admired for its rich open sound. Improvements in build quality have seen it raised to classic status, and many of the UK’s leading brass bands now choose and trust this instrument. The 928GT model has triggers on 3rd and main. [N.B. Model illustrated is 928G with triggers on 1st and 3rd.]

  • Silver-plated finish
  • Bore size: large, 0.466" (11.79mm)
  • Bell diameter: 4.88" (124mm)
  • Gold brass bell
  • Top-sprung, hand-lapped Monel pistons
  • Triggers on 3rd and main tuning slides
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Wood-shell case
  • Alliance mouthpiece
  • Made in Germany

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