Buffet BC4121 oboe

Buffet Crampon
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Last one! This line is discontinued.

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The Buffet 4121 oboe is a student model designed to prepare young musicians for a lifelong joy of playing. It features silver-plated keywork and the bore is lined with an epoxy resin to help resist cracking.

  • Simplified dual (conservatoire with thumb-plate) system
  • Semi-automatic octave mechanism
  • Selected grenadilla wood
  • Luracast resin-lined bore
  • Silver-plated keywork

Manufacturer’s website: buffet-crampon.com

Unlike the standardized mechanisms of other woodwind instruments, the keywork on oboes is quite varied. The 'thumbplate' system is used most widely in the UK and most student oboes purchased here are of this type. The alternative is the 'conservatoire' system. 'Dual' systems have characteristics of both. Starter instruments generally have fewer keys to reduce weight and simplify fingering. Instruments for more advanced players have additional keys offering versatility through a wider choice of fingerings.

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