Adams E3 euphonium (silver)

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The Adams E3 euphonium hits the sweet spot between large sound and flexibility. It is the largest euphonium in the Adams range, but choice of materials and its distinctive design give plenty of room for virtuosity. In development the brass band or concert band player was specifically considered.

Compared to the E1 and E2, the E3 gives more control and the sound has wider character. Like the E1, it has a 305 mm bell. Its unique characteristics are a different lead pipe, bell flare, bracing and bows, making it ideal for players looking for a darker sound with great core stability.

  • Silver-plated finish
  • Bell diameter: 305 mm (12 in.)
  • Yellow brass bell (gauge: 0.60 mm/0.024 in.)
  • 4-valve compensating model
  • Main tuning slide trigger
  • Three sprung waterkeys
  • Case included; mouthpiece not included

All Adams euphoniums feature an adjustable gap receiver which permits the distance between the tip of the mouthpiece shank and the start of the leadpipe to be modified according to mouthpiece taper and player preference. The mouthpiece receiver is mounted on a thread, allowing it to be rotated to widen or narrow the gap. Once adjusted it is secured in position by a thumbscrew.

Also available:
E1 silver, yellow brass bell
E1 lacquer, sterling silver bell

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