[Ex-demo] Conn 8DSE French horn

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Products marked as 'ex-demo' are offered at a reduced price because they have been used for inspection, demonstration or marketing purposes by the manufacturer or seller. They are not factory-sealed, but are sold 'as new' and are subject to a full mechanical warranty. In some cases they may have a limited cosmetic warranty. Item-specific condition reports are always available.

The Conn 8D ‘CONNstellation’ was the first popular American-built professional French horn and in its time formed the foundation of the horn sections of many US orchestras. It is one of the instruments for which Conn is best known.

The 8DSE is an enhanced detachable (screw) bell version of the 8D base model. Its traditional large throat bell and all-nickel construction give a beautiful, dark sound with rich depth.

  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Bore size: 0.468 in. (11.89 mm)
  • Bell diameter: 12¼ in. (311 mm)
  • Nickel silver bell, detachable, large bell throat
  • All nickel silver construction
  • Krüspe wrap
  • Mechanical lever action
  • Tapered rotors and bearings
  • Fabric covered case included

Also available in the Conn professional French horn range:

Model/description Bell
Fixed Detachable
Mechanical thumb lever action 8D 8DSE (ex-demo)
String thumb lever action V8D V8DS (ex-demo)
Geyer Yellow brass bell 10D | 11DE 11DES
Red brass bell 11DRE 11DRES

Most modern full-double French horns follow one of two layouts defined by the position in relation to the standard three valves of the thumb-operated fourth valve. The 'Krüspe' layout places it close to the thumb lever and first valve; the 'Geyer' layout places it after the third valve. The Geyer layout results in fewer bends in the tubing ('open' wrap) which combined with a smaller bell gives a generally brighter tone; to compensate many Geyer models are made in yellow or red brass to darken their sound. The tighter 'closed' wrap of the Krüspe layout plus a larger bell results in a characteristically dark tone, so some instruments are made from nickel-silver to add brightness.

Manufacturer’s website: conn-selmer.eu

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