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Trevor James
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The Trevor James Alphasax is designed for anyone that wants to play saxophone but has been told they are too small to play a conventional alto. It is built around the original body tube of the Trevor James 'Horn' alto saxophone, with a reduced key mechanism and tone holes repositioned to accomodate smaller hands. Most obviously, the low B and B-flat keys have been removed (lowest note is written middle C), and the left-hand palm key array is simplified.

Like a standard alto, the Alphasax is in the key of E-flat. It has a full two-octave chromatic range using conventional fingerings, enabling the smaller player to take their first steps using current study books. It is less than two thirds the weight of a regular alto saxophone, and is supplied in a lightweight moulded case with backpack straps, along with a padded neck strap, mouthpiece, cap and ligature.

If you are purchasing a beginner's instrument for the first time and would like further advice, our showroom staff will be pleased to give all the guidance you need.

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371A clear lacquer finish
371ABK black finish

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