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The Conn 11DRES ‘Symphony’ is an enhanced, detachable bronze bell version of the Conn 11D professional F/B-flat model.

Modifications include a reconfigured F branch to improve airflow, reversible fourth rotor, two sprung water keys, vintage valve caps and ring pulls, and an adjustable finger hook.

  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Bore size: 0.468 in. (11.89 mm)
  • Bell diameter: 12¼ in. (311.15 mm)
  • Detachable bronze bell
  • Red brass mouthpipe and 1st branch
  • Medium bell throat
  • Geyer wrap
  • String lever action

Note: model pictured is 11DRS (non-enhanced model).

Also available in the Conn professional French horn range:

Model/description Bell
Fixed Detachable
Mechanical thumb lever action 8D 8DSE (ex-demo)
String thumb lever action V8D V8DS (ex-demo)
Geyer Yellow brass bell 11DE 11DES
Red brass bell 11DRE 11DRES

Most modern full-double French horns follow one of two layouts defined by the position in relation to the standard three valves of the thumb-operated fourth valve. The 'Krüspe' layout places it close to the thumb lever and first valve; the 'Geyer' layout places it after the third valve. The Geyer layout results in fewer bends in the tubing ('open' wrap) which combined with a smaller bell gives a generally brighter tone; to compensate many Geyer models are made in yellow or red brass to darken their sound. The tighter 'closed' wrap of the Krüspe layout plus a larger bell results in a characteristically dark tone, so some instruments are made from nickel-silver to add brightness.

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