sshhmute trumpet/cornet whisper mute

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The whisper mute creates a professional and unique timbre to contribute to a player’s or brass section’s arsenal of instrument sounds. Durable, lightweight, and high-quality, the whisper mute is perfect for on-stage quiet passages.

This on-stage version of the acclaimed sshhmute allows more air to escape and thus more sound to carry through. It's perfect for performing quiet passages when stability and security are paramount, with no worries about intonation.

It can also be used as a practice mute when near silence isn’t required.

Designed and manufactured by Bremner Music, New Zealand

Manufacturer’s website:

Practice mutes have a similar conical design to straight mutes but with a solid cork bell seal to block off the sound. Air flow is greatly reduced and escapes almost silently through a small hole in the body of the mute. They are used for warming up and practising without disturbing the peace.

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