Mighty Bright Duet2 LED stand light

Mighty Bright
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The Duet2 LED professional grade music light offers features that benefit orchestras, bands and other performers playing under controlled lighting conditions.

Two separate flexible goosenecks are fitted with two LEDs each, providing up to four possible light levels to evenly and comfortably illuminate two to three pages of sheet music. A single tap power button on each lighting unit makes it simple to prepare and adjust during performance.

This compact but powerful music stand light is ideal for those who prefer leaving nothing to chance, guaranteeing clear and even illumination in any location.

  • Two energy-efficient LEDs per gooseneck
  • Each LED last up to 50,000 hours (almost six years)
  • Two switches control up to four lighting levels
  • Optical grade lens spreads light evenly
  • Padded clip firmly grips music stands
  • Base can be used freestanding
  • Two flexible goosenecks
  • Folds easily for convenient storage
  • Powered by three AAA batteries (included)
  • Optional AC adapter (available separately)
  • Battery life: 28 hours
  • Dimensions: 343 mm x (13.5 in.) x 38 mm (1.5 in.) x 44 mm (1.75 in.)

Also available:
85640 Duet (one LED per gooseneck)

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